Elements of Good Freestyle Mechanics

Elements of Good Freestyle Mechanics by E2MULTISPORTS swim coach Suzy (cakes) Casas. For a lot triathletes, mostly those who are not former swimmers, swimming is the hardest discipline to master. An athlete can swim frequently for years and not make significant gains if the technique is not there. Who wants to waste all that time and energy? Swimming

Ironman Texas 2017 Edition

Special thanks to all my awesome sponsors. @BicycleHeaven,@carabinShaw, @cryofitsanantonio @ceramicspeed, ClearClinicalResearch, Alamo Springs Dental, @TheInfinitLoop, @RokaSports, @RolfPrima , @RudyProjectNA, @SRAMroad, @Trisports @Quarq To my loving wife and daughter, your support allows me to continue following my Ironman dream. I couldn’t do this without you. This year Ironman Texas was going to be a question mark.